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Frequently Asked Questions


Below are some of the more asked queries about Record Your Call. If your question doesn't appear here, please take a look at the Knowledgebase or Contact Us to find out more.

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Record Outgoing Phone Calls

Q How do I record my outgoing phone calls?

Q What are the costs for recording outgoing calls? Do I get a bill from you?

Q I make a lot of calls using Record Your Call; can I get the calls any cheaper?

Q What format are my recordings saved as?

Q What happens if I forget my call recording PIN?

Q Can I hide my phone number when making outgoing calls?

Q When does the call recording begin?

Q When do I start paying for a call?

Q Can I interrupt any of the Record Your Call messages?

Q What is the PIN for?

Record Incoming Phone Calls

Q How do I record my incoming phone calls?

Q What are incoming numbers and how do they work?

Q When taking a call with an incoming number, can I put the caller on hold or transfer them?

Q What is the caller display feature for on an incoming number?

Other Questions

Q Why do I need to call your 0872 number to verify the number I'm calling from when adding a new number to my account?

Q What does the Whisper feature do on an incoming number?

Q What does the notify feature do on an incoming number?

Q Why allow recording to be switched off in the settings of my incoming numbers?

Q On my incoming numbers page in my account, why does it say my number will expire at set date?

Q Why do you have to choose between several different types of incoming numbers, can there not be just one?

Q What are tags and how do I use them?

Q Is it OK to record credit card details in recordings?

Q Can you or your support team listen to any of my recordings?

Q Can I record a call to any number?

Q Why should I use Record Your Call when I can use call recording phone apps for free?